Master drummer Ernest Borketey repaired drums while living on Kauai as Aloha Africa's guest artist in residence. When Ernest arrived on Kauai, he was hungry, and family members were dying at home in Ghana. Ernest spoke virtually no English, and was illiterate, as his family could not afford to send him to school. Through his hard, honest work and the support of Aloha Africa, Ernest now lives in the United States with his wife and two sons.  He has his green card, which means he can freely work and travel, and is able to send money home to support his village.

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Joyful Noise Taiko Production at
 St. Michael's Church

Director/Instructor :  Aki Conquest

Many Thanks to:

Steven and Merlyn Ruddell
Lady Galactica
DJ and Steve Star
Ron Mayer 
Bruce Orth
Dr. Chris Elliot
Dr. Larry Magnussen
Dr. Ileana Carreno
James Pearson
Keith Arakaki
Sol Man
Donn Forbes
Dr. Stan Schiller
Dr. David Rovinsky
Dr. Tyler Chihara
 Neal Norman
Mark Jeffers and Storybook Theatre

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