Guest Artists


  Aloha Africa's Artist in Residence:
          Ernest Borketey


Contact Ernest:  (315) 559-7894       facebook   

        Master dancer Ousmane Sall from Senegal              

Born into a Griot family, Ousmane carries the gifts of traditional Senegalese Kutiro and Sabar dances and rhythms.  A breathtakingly graceful, athletic dancer and powerful drummer, Ousmane conducts exuberant, high-energy dance and drum classes when he is on Kauai with his beautiful wife Natalia and their children.

Contact Ousmane:            646-725-6984

                             ~ Aloha Africa Partnership ~

                                             Master dancer Biboti Ouikahilo from Ivory Coast
Jill and Biboti Ouikahilo with students at annual Kauai Dance and Drum Camp in July 2012
      Aloha Africa is honored to partner with Biboti Ouikahilo,  Director of Wacheva Cultural Arts in Syracuse, New York.  Biboti is a gorgeous dancer and dynamic teacher with a powerful, loving heart and impeccable clarity.  He came to Kauai with Jill Ouikahilo, an accomplished dancer and original member of Love Tribe.  Together they conducted an intensive, fun series of classes for Kauai's African Dance and Drum Camp.
Contact Biboti:

               ~ Aloha Africa Cultural Exchange 2009 ~

                                  Ernest Borketey

Ernest came to Kauai from Ghana's Kusun Ensemble.  Shy, polite, and speaking virtually no English, Ernest began to teach drum classes in public and at schools, and performed all over the island with the Aloha Africa ensemble.  With his thrilling, lightning-fast drumming, his natural charisma, and his radiant smile, he lit up every stage.  

                                                                                                           Nii Anang        

Emmanuel Anang inspires and opens hearts with his warm teaching style,  beautiful voice, and haunting flute melodies.  At age 16 he was a founding member of the Pan African Orchestra, performing all over Ghana.  Later he formed his own group, Adafi Tswalori, and recorded his first CD, "Nyon" (Slave).  
     Nii Anang  toured internationally with the Kusun Ensemble from 2002 until 2008, when he came to Kauai as performer, dance and drumming teacher, and composer for Aloha Africa.  He and his wife Polly Hieser live on an organic farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.                            
            Contact Nii Anang:  540.267.4891

                                        Obuobi Ashong
An accomplished guitarist, singer, composer, and percussionist, Robert Obuobi Ashong is a master of Ghana's dying folk art of Highlife music.  
Obuobi represented the National Youth Organizing Commission of Ghana to participate in international festivals from Libya to Holland to Moscow.  He traveled Europe as a member of Wulomei, one of Ghana's leading cultural groups, and was based in Germany for 4 years with Kalifi Dance Ensemble.  For 7 years he toured the U.S., Canada, and Australia with the Kusun Ensemble, then brought his talents to Aloha Africa on Kauai.
Today Obuobi lives with his family at home in Ghana, where he works as a musician in a prominent Charismatic Church and records with other celebrated Gospel artists. 

Contact Obuobi:

 Aloha Africa made it possible for these guest artists from Ghana to travel freely on their own for the first time in their lives.  After leaving Kauai, they were invited to work with other groups around the United States.
view video of Ernest, Obuobi, and Osenda performing with Akwaaba Ensemble in New Hampshire.

 (Ernest is standing lead drummer, Obuobi sits with DunDuns, and Osenda is the small dancer.)