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 Peace Through Music

Maia Gallo, Aki Conquest, Isa Maria, Melody Harringer
At the heart of Aloha Africa is Love Tribe, a circle of women who study traditional African drumming and dance, and who dedicate their practice to loving the earth, one another, and the great web of life.

Since 2001 Love Tribe has been sharing music, dance, and aloha in circles, at peace rallies and  environmental and social justice marches, weddings, funerals, birthdays, festivals, ceremonies, classes, and concerts. 

Cultural Exchange

There is powerful medicine in the unity of earth-based cultures. In both Hawaii and Africa, dancers and musicians are the keepers of tradition, history, and spiritual practices. The Aloha Africa cultural exchange project provides an authentic means to preserve and transmit deep indigenous knowledge … dancer to dancer, drummer to drummer.

Love Tribe:

isa Maria 
  Mother of Love Tribe and Aloha Africa 

   808-652-6139       isamaria.com       isa email

Maia and isa

Miliki Lani

Keeper and Teacher of African Dance on Kauai for over 25 years.  

808-635-0423          Miliki email


Melody Harringer  

Drum Circle and Sound Healin

 Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.

 808-651-4562    Melody email


Jimena McGill

Dancer and Percussionist, Artist, children's art teacher.

808-639-6213     Jimena email


Sayuri Handa

Dancer, Singer, Drummer, Artist, Dance Teacher.

808-635-9527        Sayuri email