Aloha Africa Ho'ke - June 2009 at Church of the Pacific Kauai, Hawaii

Hula with Jesse Jardin

Isabelle Dances Sinte - Master Drummer Ernest Borketey

Nii Anang Sings Otofo

Nii Anang & Ensemble Dance


Melody Dances Wayemi


Other Videos

Ernest, Nii Anang & Obuobi, 2009

Nii Anang Teaches Drumming, 2009

Ernest & Chris Demonstrate "Fume Fume"

Aloha-Africa with Ernest Borketey at the Church of the Pacific April 21, 2007

Aloha-Africa with Ernest at Storybook Theatre April 28, 2007

performing with the Kusun Ensemble in Virginia 2006

with Kusun in Ghana