A Highlife Journey
the dying art of traditional Highlife folk music of Ghana

Recorded on Kauai by Aloha Africa's guest artists
Ernest Borketey, Nii Anang, and Obuobi Ashong 
Produced by Bruce Orth, Borth Racing Records


Listen to 'ALEMI'
Listen to 'YOU CAN'T LIE TO ME'

"A Highlife Journey" is available exclusively at Drumskull Drums.


Bruce Orth

Bruce Orth races and fixes bikes, organizes bike rides for charities, teaches bicycle maintenance and repair, and is the only person on Kauai certified to custom fit bikes for riders.  He was inspired by the film, "Emmanuel's Gift," about a disabled man in Ghana who needed a bike.

Guitarist, keyboardist, composer, performer, and engineer, Bruce has produced and recorded his original music as well as that of many other artists. 
Bruce generously donated his time and formidable talents to Aloha Africa in his studio, Borth Racing Records.   Recordings include:

Drumming up Revolution  by Love Tribe
Vibe da Tribe, a collaboration with Love Tribe
Gye Nyame (Only God) by Ernest Borketey

Contact Bruce Orth:  808.639.4150